Monday, 14 October 2013

Fall Hanging Decor Signs

At our October 2013 craft night we made these cute fall hanging signs!  One of my favorite things about craft night is seeing all the creativity come out from the ladies who attend.  I wish we had taken some pictures of the ladies' finished products!  To prepare for this one, we precut the F-A-L-L letters out of 12x12 sparkly paper in 4 different shades of brown and gold.  The ladies could pick the color of letters they wanted after they picked their coordinating background papers.  We used the Cricut to cut out the letters and cut the letters 4" tall.  You can use any kind of cardboard bar coaster you can find since you are covering up the coaster with paper.  Since this was a church event, I chose to not use coasters from a bar and instead ordered plain 4" white coasters off of Amazon.  We had a variety of 3/4" wide organza ribbon in different fall colors that ladies could pick from.  Here are the two we made as an example to show when we advertised this craft night:

Supplies Needed:

- 4" cardboard coasters
- Letter cut outs for F-A-L-L
- Pattered paper
- Glue or tape runner
- Hole punch
- Ribbon
- Embellishments (we used paper leaves, flowers, buttons, etc.)
- Scissors
- Pencil
- Glue gun

How To:

 1. Pick out the paper you'd like to use for each coaster.  Flip your paper over and trace your coaster onto each paper.  Cut out each piece.

 2. Glue down your paper to the coasters with your tape runner or glue. Put them in the order you'd like them to be in and the glue down your F-A-L-L letters.

3. Take your hole punch and punch holes in all four corners of the letter F, A and the first L. ONLY PUNCH HOLES IN THE TOP OF THE LAST LETTER L.  Don't forget to line up your holes evenly on each coaster.  Tip: depending on how good of a single hole puncher you have, you may find it easier to use a three-hole punch and just eyeball where to punch the hole.  I did this for the ladies at craft night and the three-hole punch went thru the cardboard really easy!

4. Take your ribbon and weave all four of your coasters together. Start with the ribbon on the bottom of your last coaster and work your way up, and then down again. Tie knots in the ends of your ribbon to keep it from coming out.

5. Add your embellishments with a glue gun.  Hang on your wall and enjoy!



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  1. It was a great craft to make I made 2 more on my own @ home!