Monday, 10 February 2014

Easter Bunny Candy Dish

A few years ago we made these adorable Easter Bunny Candy Dishes at ladies craft night.  

Supplies Needed:
- 4" Clay Pot
- 6" Clay Pot Saucer
- Acrylic Paint
- Paint Brushes
- Foam craft sheets in white and pink
- Straw Hats (we ordered these off of eBay because we needed to buy 50, but you can also purchase them at Michael's if you only need a few)
- Embellishments for the hat like flowers and ribbon
- Glue gun

How To:
- Paint your clay pot and saucer.  We chose to paint ours white and then accented with pink stripes.
- Paint on a bunny face.  Some ladies found it easier to use a sharpie to draw on the face for better precision and a neater look.  We took a very small amount of pink paint and lightly smeared it on our finger and then very gently applied it to the cheeks of the bunny face.  You can also use a q-tip and use some dry paint or blush.
- Glue on the straw hat and add any embellishments to the hat you'd like.
- Cut out the ears from the white craft foam and the inner part of the ears with the pink craft foam.Glue the ears behind the hat to the back of the clay pot.
- Fill with jelly beans or your favorite candy and enjoy!