Friday, 15 November 2013

Christmas Elf Ornaments

In December of 2010 we did these really cute elf ornaments! I have one for each member of my family hanging on my tree and each one has the first letter of our names. 

Supplies Needed:

- wooden balls for the heads (we used 1 1/4")
- wooden alphabet blocks
- different colored felt material
- 1/2" pompoms (we used sparkly ones)
- colored glitter glue
- glue gun and glue sticks
- fine paintbrush
- black, red, and white acrylic paint
- silver thread

We precut all the kits and had them in a variety of colors for the ladies to chose from.  This is what each kit contained (this also shows you how to cut the felt material):


How To:

1. Paint a cute little face onto your wooden ball.  We found it was easier to draw it on with a pencil first and then paint over top of it.

2. Take your piece of felt shaped like a triangle and form a little elf hat, gluing it to the top of the wooden ball.

3.  Glue the bottom of your alphabet block to the piece of felt you are using for the legs. 

4.  Glue the long narrow piece of felt that is used for the arms to the top of the alphabet block.

5.  Glue the star shaped piece of felt that is the same color as the legs on top of the arm piece.  Glue the second star on top of the first star, off setting the points of the stars.

6.  Glue the head on to the top of the stars.

7.  Take your five pompoms and glue them to the ends of the legs, arms and one at the tip of the hat.

8.  Weave a piece of silver thread thru the opening of the hat to make the hanger to hang it on the tree.

9.  Add some glitter glue dots to add any finishing touches you'd like on your elf ornament.

10.  Hang on your Christmas tree and enjoy!

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